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American Veterinary Medical Association

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine™s goal has always been to improve the lives of animals by creating the highest quality educational resource for our animal companions. We have taken this mission to heart and over the past five years have seen our readership and support grow exponentially to the point where we are now the primary publication for natural animal care. Our pages feature simply the best products and services there is to offer for our animal companions.

Alternative Horse Society
We aim to provide a directory of professional, dedicated therapists, trainers and holistic methods of horse management–UK.

Animal Care Courses

Animal Care has many branches from owning your own small business to working in obedience training, pet grooming, breeding or as a pet behaviourist. Open Colleges offers a full range of Animal Care courses to suit many needs; for those who wish to obtain professional employment to those just wanting to learn more about their animal or gain extra knowledge for personal development in an area that they are passionate about.

Animal Spirit Healing & Education Network

A collaborative school of holistic animal care dedicated to enhancing the lives of animal companions and their humans. Staffed by top professionals, this vision is offered through teleclasses, online training opportunities, and on-site courses in animal wellness areas including Animal Communication, Shamanic Animal Healing, Animal Reiki, Pet Loss/Grief Support Skills, Flower Essences, EFT, Crystal Healing, Species Behavior, Tellington TTouch, Animal Nutrition, and Professional Business Development.

Colorado Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (CAAMB)

A Colorado state organization that meets quarterly to network, mentor, discuss and affect state legislation and to work on advancing credibility for our professions.

Dog Food Reviews

At you will find only quality, vet approved dog food reviews for real consumers just like you. Our job is to provide consumers with important facts they should know before just purchasing any type or brand of dog food. Each review provides a list of ingredients, and an summary of the food, AFCO statement where applicable. The food you feed your pets is very important and there are many brands to choose from, that’s why we’re here. This site thrives on consumer submitted feedback as well.

Dr. Tom Ahern BVSc MRCVS, Equine Researcher
Site devoted to research information on neurological and respiratory conditions.

Earth Angel Oils

Earth Angel Oils products are designed as a complementary approach to assist in strengthening physical, mental, and emotional balance and spiritual awareness.


Equilite is a manufacturer and distributor of all-natural herbal supplements, herbal liniments, various Flower Essences, and a new line of Herbs’n Essences for horses, dogs, and cats.

Equine Health Care
Information and sales site for therapy products suitable for use on animals. The site contains information on how to use therapy equipment. There is also a “tip of the week” and “case of the month” pertaining to equine therapy. Information therapy curriculum at Midway College is also available.

Equine Touch

Sited dedicated to EQUINE TOUCH, a non-diagnostic, non-invasive energy-release therapy that works at a complete holistic level; it addresses the individual as a whole without paying any particular attention to the named problem as such.

Equine Wellness Magazine


Instruction in Equine and Canine Sports Massage

Florida Alliance for Animal Owners Rights (FAAOR)

The Florida Alliance for Animal Owners Rights (FAAOR) recognizes that there are many health care services provided for animals. Not all of them require the knowledge, expertise, or training that comes with a degree in veterinary medicine. FAAOR believes that animal owners should be allowed, by law, to choose the kind and type of service providers for their animals.

Healing Touch for Animals®

Instruction in HTA which is a bio-field and energy-medicine modality that supports the body in healing itself.  Certification program also includes the use of tuning forks for healing as well as essential oils

Holistic Horse
Online version of the magazine about holistic equine treatment and therapies.

Illinois Alliance for Animal Owner Rights

The Illinois Alliance for Animal Owners Rights (IAAOR) is dedicated to the proposition that the final responsibility for animal care rests solely with the animal owners of the State of Illinois. Our allied goal is to protect the owner’s right to pursue any humane veterinary procedure, alternative animal health care therapy, or training modality which is beneficial to the wellness or specific use of the owned animal without the threat of legal recrimination.

Integrated Touch Therapy, Inc.

Instruction in Canine, Feline, and Equine Massage

International Equine Body Worker Association

The International Equine Body Worker Association (IEBWA) increases the knowledge and practice of equine body work by offering quality support in educational programs, professional guidelines, community awareness and scientific research. In addition the IEBWA will continue to encourage equine body workers to donate their services for other non-profit therapy riding programs.

Lang Institute for Canine Massage

Instruction in Canine Massage

Welcome to Massage Therapy

In today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, massage therapy is becoming a necessary and common part of today’s healthcare. Massage therapists are in high-demand and have many flexible career options to suit their needs and interests. Massage therapy can be a rewarding career for those who want to help others and promote natural healing inside and out. Take a look through our site to learn more about massage therapy, its specialties, and the exciting career potential of a massage therapist.

Massage or Touch Therapy Practitioners’ Insurance
Hands-on Trades Protection Plan – Offering professional liability & general liability insurance coverage to massage or touch therapy practitioners.

Mystic Horse

The evolution of Mystic Horse into a product based / educational support company came about through mutual connections with Mary Ann Simonds and the animals we share our lives with. As a group of horsewomen, we envisioned products that would be fun, functional, enlightening, healing and above all, socially and environmentally responsible. Our main focus is enhancing the relationships and health of animals and their people, and strengthening the human animal bond.

NHI’s Massage Therapy School
Helping people have work they love!

National Holistic Institute is one of the largest and most respected massage therapy schools in the nation. Many consider NHI the best massage therapy school because of the excellent massage therapist education and training, the real-world experience provided by the massage school, the dedicated staff, the exclusive massage therapy focus and the lifetime massage career services.

Natural Health Schools Directory

Natural Healers is a comprehensive education resource for people pursuing careers in the natural healing arts. We are a complete alternative medicine and holistic health school directory and career center.

Natural Horse Magazine

Our focus is on humane and natural alternatives to today’s traditional means of horse care, and we feature a wide range of topics in alternative and complementary medicines and therapies as well as wholesome nutrition, cooperative training, natural care and maintenance of the horse and his environment, book and video reviews, special events, a children’s section, and more.

North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare (NCVAW)

North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare is a statewide organization dedicated to the protection of animals through legislation and public policy. We are a political lobbying and voter education organization.

Pet Owner’s Guide to Dental Care

Relinchos and Susurros

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute

Instruction in Equine, Canine, and Feline Acupressure

Complete online information source on complementary animal therapies and products in the United Kingdom.

The Lightfoot Way

Workshops in holistic animal care and certified holistic animal care consultant program.

The Whole Dog Journal
A monthly guide to natural dog training and care.

United Charitable Organization

Our mission is to create symbiotic relationships with social entrepreneurs in order to facilitate their intended charitable projects that make a better life for people in our community at a local, national, or even international level.