Trager Psychophysical Integration

Trager Approach – Dr. Milton Trager, M.D., developed his own system of bodywork, which emphasizes gentle rocking and rolling of the client to encourage release and loosening and softening. Trager® or Tragerwork seeks to unblock neuromuscular patterns that inhibit the body’s natural, free-flowing motion. Clients begin by lying on a table while the practitioner uses a light, non-intrusive technique such rhythmic rocking, swinging, jiggling to loosen the limbs and torso. Clients are also taught techniques to use at home to reinforce the experience from their sessions. Milton Trager developed his body work, referring to it as psychophysical integration and mentastics. Mentastics refers to the mind.

In Trager, the mind is everything. Trager was training to be a boxer when he discovered his exceptional ability to work with his hands while rubbing down his trainer. Trager quit boxing to take care of his hands and began the long pursuit, which eventually took him to medical school. What distinguishes Tragering from other body work is the focus and intent of the practitioner’s manipulations. Tragers focus and intent are not specifically directed towards local conditions in the body tissue, muscles, joints or skin, like Rolfing, but toward reaching the unconscious mind. It has taken Trager over 50 years to expand and develop his technique.

Trager mentastics is a system of effortless movements to enhance the body’s sense of lightness, freedom and flexibility. Rhythmic massage and stretching movements encourage the body to let go. Through a series of movements, swinging, stretching pressing, and rocking the entire torso, the body moves into a restful meditative state.


Relaxes, the moves appear effortless. Plan on about an hour to an hour and a half for each session. Trager carries no risk and is gentle.


Professional certification is available. Some massage schools also offer introductory trainings in Trager bodywork.