Shen® Therapy

SHEN® is a hands-on technique for energy work or touch therapy. Practitioners seek to enable a normal energy flow through the body by using light hand placements. Practitioners do a non-manipulative laying on of hands to assist the biofield (or aura) in returning to its normal flow through the body and releases deeply held or suppressed emotions.


Certificate training programs are available to become a “Certified SHEN® Practitioner.” Training involves highly experiential workshops. During each of the sequential four-day workshop sections (SHEN A & B), more than 30 hours per section, trainees learn to give and receive SHEN sessions.

After the workshops, students go through a year and a half to two-year internship with a mentor. SHEN workshops are designed for professionals and non- professionals “who seriously desire deep personal emotional change and growth.” Continuing education credit is available for nurses, acupuncturists, and CMT/LMTs.