Helpful Resources


Helpful Beginning Resources


Animal Acupuncture

Schwartz, Cheryl, DVM, Four Paws, Five Directions, A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs. Celestial Arts, 1996.



Animal Acupressure

Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure. Tallgrass Publications. Visit FMI.

Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual. Tallgrass Publications.

The Well Connected Dog: Canine Acupressure. Tallgrass Publications.

Kaselle, M. and P. Hannay. Touching Horses: Communication, Health and Healing Through Shiatsu. J.A. Allen & Co., Ltd., 1995.


Equine Anatomy/Biomechanics

*Bennett, Deb, Ph.D. Dr. Deb Bennett’s Secrets of Conformation (video). The EQUUS Collection, 1993.

Bennett, Deb, Ph.D. Principles of Conformation Analysis (3 vols). Fleet Street Press.
Dr. Deb’s practical approach to conformation. Shows what to look for in a balanced, athletic horse. Books (esp. vols. II and III) are full of details on evaluating posture, conformation and potential.

*Goody, Peter C. Horse Anatomy London: J. A. Allen & Co., Ltd., 1983.
Easy to understand illustrations, clear explanations. Basic information.

Harris, Susan E. Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement. Howell Book House, 1993.
Textbook on how horses move, what makes the different gaits, good and poor movement.

*Kainer, Robert A. & T. O. McCracken. Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy.Alpine Publishing, Inc., 1994.
Excellent for general anatomy, especially the skull and leg muscles, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Way, Robert F. & Donald G. Lee. Anatomy of the Horse. Breakthrough Publications, 1993.
Fine muscle drawings, good for deep muscle anatomy, attachments, relationships.


Equine/Human Bodywork

Bromily, Mary. Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation. Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell Science Ltd., 1993.

Natural Methods for Equine Health. Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell Science Ltd., 1994.
Aimed at the horse owner, from a successful, experienced English equine physical therapist.

Denoix, Jean-Marie & Jean-Pierre Pailloux. Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse. North Pomfret, Vermont: Trafalgar Square Pub., 1996.
Advanced – includes neuromuscular info, therapeutic programs and modalities for specific problems.

Halstead, Doris & Carrie Cameron. Release The Potential. Half Halt Press, 2000.
Some of the easiest, most effective bodywork techniques available to make a permanent difference for every horse, and rider, taught by dedicated healers with deep knowledge and experience.

Hanna, Thomas. Somatics Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1988.
Patterns of dysfunctional posture and movement (in people), how they develop, and how to address them with posture improvement exercises.

Kasselle, Marilyn & P. Hannary. Touching Horses: Communication, Health and Healing Through Shiatsu. J. A. Allen & Co. Ltd., 1995.
Beautifully illustrated book on healing philosophy, equine meridians, acupressure massage and stretching, detailed how-to descriptions and photos of happy, healthy horses.

*Meagher, Jack. Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses (Also in video). Hamilton Horse Associates, 1985.
Clear, practical beginning information on sports massage (stress point myotherapy).

Sutton, Amanda. How to Have an Injury-Free Horse. 2001.
An easy to use, photographic guide to equine bodywork, stretching, management (such as saddle fit, and other aspects of a healthy body). Includes suggestions on maintaining human health and balance.

*Zidonis, Nancy, Marie Soderberg & Amy Snow. Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual. Tallgrass Pub, Co., 1998.
Third edition is great. Clear, practical information with treatments for specific problems.


Horse Care

Stashak, Ted S. & Cherry Hill. Horseowner’s Guide to Lameness. Williams & Wilkins, 1996.
Complete and well illustrated.

Tellington-Jones, Linda. TTEAM UP With Your Horse (journal). Call (800) 829-9402 FMI.
The originator of user and horse-friendly Feldenkreis-based bodywork, exercises and communication.

*Thompson, Diana, ed. The Whole Horse Journal. Call (800) 829-5580 FMI.
Practical, accurate information on bodywork and holistic horse care. Ceased publication in May 2000.

Genadek, David. About Saddle Fit (video). About The Horse, Inc. Call (800) 449-7409 or visit
Has a clear and accurate explanation of how the horse’s back works during movement, and how this relates to saddle fit. Western approach is enlightening for all riders.



Dorrance, Tom. True Unity. Give-It-A-Go Enterprises. Pioneer Pub. Co., 1987.
The dean of “natural” horsemen sets down his philosophy for respectful horse-human relationships.
Available as audio recording; video “Greetings from Tom Dorrance” also available.

Dorrance, Bill & Leslie Desmond. True Horsemanshipe Through Feel. Diamond Lu Productions, 1999.
Superbly detailed, profusely illustrated and carefully written guide to every aspect of true partnership with any horse.

Hunt, Ray. Think Harmony With Horses. Give-It-A-Go Enterprises. Pioneer Pub. Co., 1978.
How to “be the horse” when you’re in the saddle.

Russell, Eleanor. Gymnastic Exercises For Horses.
Progressive and fun exercises for supplying and fitness to improve horses in every level and sport.

Simonds, Mary Ann. Think Like A Horse (video). Com Arts, 1991. Call (510) 233-2984 FMI.
Enjoyable video aimed at new mustang owners. A horse’s point of view.

Sivewright, Molly. Thinking Riding Book 2: In Good Form. J. A. Allen & Co., Ltd., 1984.
Superb explanation of the relationship between the rider and the horse physically and mentally;
how to ensure straightness, grace and pride in the horse; detailed explanation of lateral work.

Swift, Sally. Centered Riding. New York: St. Martin’s/Marek, 1985.
Vivid images and exercises aimed at achieving balance with your horse. Best with certified instructor.

The Trail Less Traveled
Journal of “natural horsemanship” techniques and resources. Thoughtful, detailed, extensively illustrated, reader-friendly.

Wynmalen, Henry. Dressage: A Study of the Finer Points of Riding. Wilshire Book Co., 1952.
Higher levels of horsemanship, achieved with the horse’s well-being in mind.


Growth & Healing

*Boone, J. Allen. Kinship With All Life. Harper: San Francisco, 1954.
Fascinating, amusing and heartwarming instructions on achieving true communication with any species.

Levine, Peter. Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma. North Atlantic Books, 1997.
Illuminating; practical steps for healing trauma and staying untraumatized; trauma first-aid guide.

Thich Nhat Hanh. Peace Is Every Step. Bantam Books, 1991.
This book and many of his others are elegantly simple introductions to the practice of being present.

*Excellent starter material. Videos are usually available for rent at tack shops.