Therapy based on energy patterns and the disharmony that occurs in these patterns when an animal (or human) is ill. The symptoms are only a small part of the illness and the radionics practitioner’s aim is to get to the cause of the problem by viewing the body as a whole entity taking into consideration the physical and mental. The practitioner, by directing corrective energy patterns through the radionic instruments, brings the “patients’ patterns back into balance, allowing healing to occur.

One of the advantages of radionics is that it can be carried out at a distance and does not require the presence of the animal to be treated. When treating an animal for the first time, a completed case history is taken, detailing current medications, treatments and procedures the animal is receiving. This allows the practitioner to build up a mental picture. Often something from the animal is requested to be used (for distance healing), such as hair, to be used as a link between the radionic instrument and the animal.

An analysis of the subject is made by scanning the functioning of its systems on a radionic instrument, measuring and recording any malfunctions, infections, injuries or blockages. Once the practitioner has identified the systems, which are at fault, he will try to find the cause, be it physical or psychological.

Animals respond well to radionics, which can be successful in the treatment of allergies, infections, wounds and fractures, as well as mental problems such as fear and behavior problems.




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More on Radionics and Vibrational Therapy
Information provided courtesy of Donna Starita, DVM

All forms of matter, organic and inorganic, animate or inanimate, exist in and are connected by a vast field of energy that emits various patterns or wave forms. This force field exists around all forms of matter and touches all other fields. The more complex the system, the more complex the wave form. Living things, like humans and other animals, emit a complex wave spectrum associated with the various organs and functions of the body.

Radionic techniques are used for diagnosing and healing at a distance. A skilled and sensitive practitioner can diagnose and treat diseases by tapping into the energetic link between mind and matter.

Radionics originated in the US in the early 20th century with the work of Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924), Director of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University.

How Does Radionics Work?
Radionics makes it possible to detect disease in its earliest stages, before any physical symptoms are manifested (i.e. interfaces at the etheric level). Molecules of diseased tissues have a different atomic and electromagnetic composition than healthy tissues, and this “radiation” can be detected and evaluated.

Dr. Abrams (the first physician to diagnose disease from a distance, using only the patient’s blood as a reference) wrote, “Disease is an aberration of the electron structure, a change in the otherwise uniform flow of electrons constituting the field of energy which is radiated from the physical organism.” Dr. Abrams later developed his own treatment device designed to neutralize abnormal radiations “by the therapeutic application of vibration, aimed at restoring the equipoise of disease by a rearrangement of molecules or by raising their vibration to a normal standard of frequency.”

Radionics Phenomena
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Electrodynamics (E=mc2) is based on the concept that all matter is composed of atoms held together by energy fields and forces. “In this world, classical concepts like elementary particles, material substance or isolated objects have lost their meaning. The whole universe now appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.” (Research physicist Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics)

David Bohm, physicist and author of Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980), views quantum theory as an indicator of a new order, in which all things are connected in an unmanifest “implicate order,” and from which all matter manifests as an “explicate order.” Activity in any part of this continuum is experienced by the entire field. This explains the concept of the universe as a unified field (wholism). Thus the field of the radionics practitioner can contact the field of the patient to obtain a diagnosis.

The practitioner uses some means of identifying the pattern of the patient’s energy field, and converts it into a rate, a response or a set of numbers, which the practitioner then correlates with a particular disease. Methods of determining the patient’s frequency include radionics machines, kinesiology, and dowsing. Kinesiology is an assessment technique based on the belief that the body has an innate knowledge of itself and knows what is right or wrong with it; it tests certain muscles that become weakened in negative energy states, and strengthened in positive energy states. Dowsing is a method of “reading” energy fields usually using an instrument such as a pendulum or rods.

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Definition — RADIONICS (Wikipedia Encyclopedia)

”Radionics”’ is a body of ideas and practice concerning medical diagnosis and healing, originating in the early 1900’s. It is based on the idea that all life and matter contains vibrations and harmonics, which Radionics seeks to manipulate: ””all drugs that are specific in the treatment of disease have a definite vibration rate.”” []

According to this idea, a healthy person will have certain ‘energy frequencies’ moving through their body that define health, while an unhealthy person will exhibit other, different ‘energy frequencies’ that define their health disorders. Radionic devices are purported to diagnose and restore persons to health by applying healing frequencies to balance out the ‘discordant’ frequencies of sickness. Radionics borrows the word frequency to describe an imputed energy type and differs from usual meanings since it does not correspond to any property of the known forms of energy.

Ideas about informational fields or Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs) have been proposed as explanations for Radionics, but no scientific studies have been published on these hypothetical entities. [] Radionics is often classed as pseudoscience.

Types of Radionic devices

There are two main types of Radionic devices:

The first is simply an analysis tool, which is said to determine what is wrong with the subject being diagnosed. The second is a treatment tool used to attempt to heal or cure the subject of whatever is thought to ail them. These two may also be combined into a single device.

The typical Radionics analysis device has a metal cup referred to as the well, a large collection of knobs numbered 0 to 9 on each dial, and a metal plate referred to as the stick plate. A cable may also be used to attach a sensor plate to the body of the person receiving treatment.

A Radionics treatment device has all the base components of the analysis device, plus additional wells to be used to hold the material used to heal the subject. It may also have a power cord that is said to provide a base frequency rate to send the healing rate into the patient.
How to operate a typical Radionic device

To operate a typical Radionic device, a sample material is placed in the well, such as blood, saliva, or urine. The knobs act as a counter and are used to estimate the frequency at which the sample is thought to be vibrating. The stick plate is operated by the analyst who drags a finger across this plate while adjusting the knobs.

As the knobs are adjusted, there is a point where their finger sticks more firmly to the plate than at any other settings. This is referred to as “getting the stick.” This point of greatest sticking is the setting for that knob. The analyst then moves on to adjusting the next knob to the point of greatest stick, and so on, until all knobs have been adjusted. The final readout across all knobs is described as the frequency for the sample material.

This method of operation is highly subjective, since it depends on an analyst experienced with moving their finger across the stick plate and interpreting what the sensations mean.

Means of operation

Radionic devices do not accord with the theories of biology or physics.

The power of Radionics is said to lie in the rates or frequencies it measures and then feeds back to the patient. Although a healing substance can be directly used to feed healing frequencies back into the patient, the substance is not actually needed if its healing frequency rate is known.

”For the purpose of assessment and treatment, Radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration. These factors are expressed in numerical values which are known as “rates” and older Radionic instruments are provided with calibrated dials on which such “rates” are set for assessment and treatment purposes.” []

Internally, a Radionic device is very simple, and may not even form a functional electrical circuit. In Radionics, the wiring in the analysis device is simply used to conduct the frequencies from the well, across the measurement knobs, and to the stick plate. No actual electrical current flows.

A Radionic device does not use or need electric power, though a power cord may be provided so that the power line can provide a “base rate” on which the device operates to attempt to heal a subject. Malcolm Rae developed the use of static magnets in Radionics, and devised reference (or ‘simulator’ cards) to speed up the process of analysis and remove the need for many complex dials and settings.

Typically, little attempt is made to define or describe what, if anything, is flowing along the wires and being measured. This energy could possibly be orgone or qi|ch’i, but does not conform to any accepted scientific theories.


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Further reading

Albert Abrams

Ruth Drown — She built a radionic device constituted of several adjustable resistors connected in series. An extremity was connected to ground, the other extremity was connected to a metallic plate having on it a specimen of the patient

Thomas Galen Hieronymus — From USA. He descovered a kind of energy he called Eloptic Energy. He build a machine that used this energy to heal patients at distance and send insects away from fields

UKACO device — Derives its name from the initial letters of Upton, Knuth, Armstrong Company, founded by the inventors. It was used to send insects away from fields. There are some thermoionic tubes connected in series. A metallic plate having on it a photograpy of the field and some insecticide is connected by a wire to the grid of the first thermoionic tube. The plate of the last thermoionic tube is connected to an antenna

George de la Warr

Malcolm Rae — He produced homeopathic remedies putting a vial of water inside a special drawing plunged in a magnetic field

Servranx brothers — From Belgium. They developed drawings useful to amplify specimens of a person and to send influences at distance

Leon Chaumery and André De Belizal — From France. They built a radionc device constituted by a column of hemispheres that sends a beam of shape waves to a specimen of the patient

Giambattista Callegari — From Italy. He built a radionic device that works by an oscillating circuit similar to that of Lakhovsky, tuned on a wavelength of nine millimeters and a frequency of thirtythree gigahertz, with a photograph of the patient inside it. This oscillating circuit is connected by a wire to a metallic antenna constituted of a short rod with a sphere on his extremity. He developed this theory: the atoms of a person and of his photograph have a link of resonance, but it is weak because of resistance of space between them. This resistance decreases if the photograph is put inside the oscillating circuit described above, and a canal of communication between photograph and person is opened

Sanjeevini — From India. These are drawings similar to lotus flowers, with marks on his perimeter. They send influences to a photograph of a patient put in the center of the drawing

Bandhu Sahni — From India. He developed this radionic technique: a hair of the patient is put into a vial containing a homeopathic remedy
Benoytosh Bhattacharyya — From India. He developed a radionic technique he called Teletherapy. Precious stones vibrate or rotate and send their influences to a photograph of the patient

Shape Waves — Energy produced by geometrical shapes when they are crossed by magnetic or electric fields. They were discovered by French dowsers and are used in some radionic devices, mainly in France and Belgium

Royal Raymond Rife

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