From the President’s Desk – June 2016


From the President’s Desk:Donna 2013 promo picture

Welcome to IAATH, the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing. The concept for IAATH originated in 1999 with Mary Ann Simonds, Equine Consultant, and a group of individuals, myself included in the animal health and healing field who shared a vision. We came from a diverse healing background as animal health care practitioners, but we shared a common goal – to create an alliance of concerned professional healers, therapists, companies and individuals dedicated to assisting in the maintenance of the mind, body and spirit of all animals. The founding members represented combined expertise in veterinary medicine, animal physical therapy, animal behavior, farrier science, nutritional and energy medicine. We believed that the time had come to establish a platform for legitimization and recognition of animal health care practitioners, non-veterinary and veterinary, that provided the opportunity for equal recognition of training, experience and expertise, as well as a sharing of knowledge and support.

IAATH flourished for many years thanks to the dedication of numerous volunteers who were committed to carrying the banner, and then floundered.

It’s back! With the help of Mary Ann Simonds as our backup and revered former “fearless leader”, Shannon Grant , Michelle Tippin and my staff, we’ve re-raised the banner and we need your support. More than ever, I believe it’s time to be vocal and visible as animal healers and therapists. Each one of us has a unique gift and talent that deserves the opportunity to be recognized and shared. The newly formatted IAATH website will provide that opportunity.

My own journey has taken me through conventional veterinary practice into alternative veterinary practice, energetic healing for animals, and now into intuitive energy medicine for animals and people. I will be sharing ideas, questions, case studies with fellow practitioners in the field through IAATH, and via the website. Come help us grow the organization and share with your fellow practitioners. Use your voice, get visible, claim your professional status, let us know what you’re doing, help us educate the public concerning health care choices for their animals, stay current on regulations and research, and most of all, let’s offer us best in service to the animal kingdom, and the humans who care.

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