Founded by American doctor Andrew Taylor Sill n the late 19th century, osteopathy has blended all aspects of conventional medicine with the central tenets of the importance of the body’s structure and its predisposition toward health over illness. Osteopathy focuses on correcting structural problems in the musculoskeletal system to improve overall body functioning. Restoring structural balance, joint manipulation, physical therapy, and proper posture instruction is used, along with psychological factors, lifestyle and diet in addressing imbalance, illness and maintaining health. VOM – Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine.


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Doctors of Osteopathy (Dos) train at their own 4-year medical colleges and can enter either MD or DO residence programs. They are licensed to practice in all 50 states, prescribe drugs, perform surgery and further specialize in any of the medical subspecialties. Apart from the emphasis placed on musculoskeletal function and alignment, most Osteopathic Physicians practice much like conventional doctors.