Neuro-Emotional Therapy (NET)

Heal past trauma, reset belief systems, and promote health neurologically. Improve your business, relationships, athletic performance…all areas of life! Basic Emotions. Fear, Anger, Grief, Resentment, Shame, and many others can negatively influence our health when they don’t resolve normally. When our body fails to “let go” of what was originally a healthy response, it can short-circuit our nervous system, affecting our beliefs, our behaviors or actions, and even our physical body and health!

Meet Pavlov’s Dog
Does your mouth water when you hear a doorbell or telephone ring? Probably not. But, most of us know the story of the famous experiment Pavlov conducted with his dog, where he rang a bell each time before he fed his dog. Soon, the dog linked the sound of the bell with eating and would salivate simply at the sound of a bell — even when no food was present!

Emotional responses can also be conditioned, and sometimes we can even be emotionally conditioned from just one life experience, especially if it was a traumatic event. Have you ever finished yelling at someone you love and wondered “What was that all about?” Have you ever had an opportunity to further your career and somehow sabotaged your chance and ended up worse off? Have you ever fallen in love with a wonderful, caring person, yet somehow you ended up in the same arguments that destroyed your last relationship?.or other examples of typical “reactive” behavior that manifests itself unconsciously and ultimately damages your conscious life dreams and goals.

Similar But Different
Pavlov discovered something else. If a dog is conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell, the bell can be changed to another bell that sounds slightly different and the dog will still salivate. The same thing can happen with our conditioned emotional responses.
For example, a little boy is simultaneously scolded and spanked by his father. This incident not only causes physical pain but also great fear. He gets an upset stomach and cries himself to sleep. This is considered a natural response. However, due to an inability to adapt to the event, it gets “stuck”… he can now be triggered in the future by a similar event. Today, as an adult, he finds himself becoming overly tense and gets upset whenever an older man or authority criticizes him. He doesn’t consciously connect the two incidents, and he can’t figure out why he feels ill.

Scientists recognize the connection between the nervous system, emotions, and health. Historically, emotions were thought to reside entirely in the brain. Now we know other parts of the body hold emotions too. If you’ve ever felt butterflies in your stomach, or referred to something as a “pain in the neck,” or encountered someone who was “heartbroken” or who “vented their spleen,” then you’re familiar with how parts of the body can be linked to our emotions.

We now know that emotions are composed of neuropeptides (protein); and their receptors are found on neurons (brain cells) and other cells in the body. These chemicals are released by various emotions, circulating the entire body, affecting digestion, your immune system, and every cell in your body…as well as your brain. Your brain and these chemicals affect your behavior and your function. So if you get “stuck,” producing these chemicals in situations that are incompatible with the respective emotion, your behavior gets “stuck” as well. Just like the drooling dogs!

Finding The Emotional Short Circuit
The “emotional baggage” associated with past events in our lives (remember Pavlov’s dog?) can sometimes haunt us for years. Like a computer “bug,” unresolved negative associations are stored in our bodies, often short-circuiting our true desires; and our health.
NET can help you identify and “let go” of a stuck emotional event (real or imagined) that is locked in a particular part of your body. The wonderful result can be a new level of health and confidence.

A Simple Test
Just as static electricity can make your hair stand on end, certain parts of your body can become “charged” with an emotional memory. Finding and balancing these stuck memory loops can be a lot of fun. By using a specific muscle test as a “gauge” of your nervous systems response, we can identify which emotional “circuit” in your body is negatively affecting your physiology. (Physiology = Function: Your Behavior and Health)

Your Memory And Your Body
You will help yourself during a NET session, by thinking of events, people, situations, and eventually forming a mental picture, or “snapshot,” of the original triggering event.
Science has proven that when you actively recall a remembered past event, your body chemistry will respond in a way that is similar to how it responded then. We use that change in chemistry to evaluate the effect on your nervous system (weak muscle) and test what will normalize that negative effect.
For example…

Visualize a lemon . . . go ahead . . . try it. Now, think about cutting into the lemon. See the juice squirting out. Now, take a bite of the lemon. Is your mouth watering? If you’re like most people, it is, and what you’re experiencing is a body response to the memory of a lemon. Our emotions work the same way.

If we can identify the emotion, or event, or situation that is causing a negative physiological change…we can then break that link through a specific neurological stimulation. For instance, stimulation of acupressure points or specific areas of the brain. The result is often a “strong” muscle and a repaired physiology!!

Working with expectant couples (Childbirth Education), we see a strong correlation between clearing emotional blocks and having a positive birth experience. It is also helpful in parenting from a more conscious standpoint by removing old patterns that may exist from the parent’s own childhood.

Net And Psychology
NET is not a “talk-it-out” therapy. It is a mind-body technique that addresses a physiological dysfunction. Before the discovery of neuropeptides (chemicals now known to carry emotion throughout the body), emotions were considered to be largely in the domain of psychology. Now emotions are also considered within the domain of acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical doctors and other practitioners of the healing arts.
NET is not psychotherapy. NET is used by psychotherapists and health care practitioners of all disciplines in tandem with their other techniques to quickly enhance their patients’ results.
What NET is NOT
NET does not deal with the spiritual realm. It does not exorcise demons or entities. It does not predict the future or deal in any way with parapsychology. It does not make claims as to what may have happened in the past. It does not tell people what their plan of action may, must or should be in the future.  NET does remove the physiological “blocks” to the body’s natural healing process, allowing it to repair itself…and allowing YOU to function and feel better!!!
Your Emotional Reality
Research has proven that muscle testing can be used to determine whether or not your body is “in harmony” with a particular concept or idea. When doing NET, it is important to note that the muscle response is not confirming whether something is really “true” or “false,” nor is it producing a “yes” or “no” answer. In fact, there are times when muscle testing will reveal that your body is not “in harmony” with a fact you know to be true!

In NET, all memory events are considered “EMOTIONAL REALITY,” because they may or may not correspond with actual or historic reality. NET is never used to make claims as to what may have happened in the past. Likewise, NET is never used to predict the future or make a recommendation of action for the future.


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