Magnetized Water Therapy

Water, which makes up over 70% of the body’s structure, is the most influential and vital component, which provides the body with a mechanism to maintain and restore homeostasis. However, environmental changes have imposed many new pathologic influences, which have overtaxed the body’s ability to remain in a state of balance. Among these are toxic drinking water, and soil toxicity and mineral depletion, which affect nutritional components in food. The results can be seen in the rise in incidence of chronic, degenerative diseases, which are not successfully treated by conventional medicine. In fact, this dilemma has been further compounded by the standard procedure of over-administering medications which present long-term difficulties in the body’s ability to maintain its state of balance, or homeostasis.

In order for water to be the medium for the body’s ability to maintain its health and vitality, it must enhance, not deter bodily functions. Using the premise that if the body is 70% water, a cell 70% water and DNA 70% water, then the quality, content, structure and frequency of the water in the body must be optimal. Among the many functions demanded of water in sustaining the health and stability of any living organism is its role as a solvent, catalyst and transporter.

Water dissolves 80 different proteins, as well as glucose and electrolytes, and transports them to every cell. Water, which composes most of the blood and bodily fluids, is responsible for activating the process in the body, which allows bacteria to remain stable. Healthy bacteria, along with healthy water promote digestion, absorption and elimination of waste materials.

Another important fact of physiologic function is the role of magnetism in the body in creating and maintaining an energy field. The body flourishes in an electro-chemical environment, which is activated by its response to magnetism. Electromagnetic energy and the human body have a valid and important relationship. Water which is naturally formed with magnetic properties and reacts with the body’s magnetic influence will enhance the way the body maintains a state of balance along with its efficient use of energy.

This study was undertaken to test what has been found in several individual case studies and clinical research on the efficacy of a naturally magnetic mineral water discovered in Japan and used with great success by physicians and healers. There are also several reports on medical uses of magnetic water in treating chronic, intractable disorders in Russia, China and Europe. With the rise in acceptance of alternative and complementary approaches to medicine, the theory postulated by this study has been found to follow principles being formulated by theories in new medical philosophy, such as those presented by Vibrational Medicine, Bio-Energetics and Energy Medicine. The common message among these quantum scientists is that magnetic energy is instrumental in establishing the body’s ability to maximize its vital potential, and water is the key medium in the body for this to take place.


(HYPOTHESIS TESTED) Following a regimen of 16 ounces of naturally magnetized mineral water, study subjects will have lower urine pH and greater electrical conductivity in urine, suggesting increased kidney function and less toxicity in cells and tissues.