Hypnotherapy evolved from an Austrian physician, Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). It is currently used in a variety of medical and dental environments, from helping people to lose weight, to stop smoking, reduce stress, relieve pain, anxiety, phobias, depression, low self-esteem, etc. It can include regression work or “progression,” to visualize future positive outcomes and possibilities.

Hypnosis involves a state of focused relaxation, when the subconscious mind is open to suggestions. Used as a relaxed, focused state of awareness to help change physiological and psychological reactions to pain, illness or emotional and mental issues. The therapist facilitates communication between the right and left sides of the brain with the client in a state of consciousness somewhere between waking and sleeping.

The client benefits the most when the desire to be hypnotizes is there, and he/she knows the environment is completely safe and peaceful. The client, though relaxed, is always in control. Some practitioners have their own private practices, while others use hypnotherapy in their already existing acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, or nursing careers.


Certificate programs are available.