Developed by Joseph Heller, an early student of Ida Rolf, this is a gentle form of deep-tissue muscle therapy that emphasizes the importance of the body-mind connection. Offshoot of Rolfing (Structural Integration), combines touch and movement retraining to teach stress-free methods for performing normal everyday activities. Sessions follow a specific sequence of movement education and deep tissue bodywork to help realign the body and release chronic pain or stress. Hellerwork practitioners engage the client in a structured dialogue so the client may gain insight and possible resolution to the issue or memory that forms the underlying cause of tension.


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Hellerwork is the licensed service mark of Hellerwork International. Certification is available to become a “Certified Hellerwork Practitioner.” The program consists of demonstrating proficiency in course material and technical skills, and completing a field study portion of the total 1250 hours of training.