Guided Imagery

Visualization techniques that help influence mental, physiological and physical conditions. Guided imagery concentrates on using images or symbols to train the mind to create a definitive physiological or psychological effect. This technique is often used to relieve stress, anxiety and physical symptoms. The technique has been effectively used in some cancer treatment programs for pain management.

Clients working with animals use guided imagery in creating new scenarios of health, behavior and well-being for those animals. In shelter situations, guided imagery has been used to imagine the perfect placement for shelter animals. Some sessions may be similar to visualizations or guided meditations, while other programs emphasize “interactive” work where the client speaks during the session and interacts (dialogues) with the images in the imagery.


Extremely useful educating clients in creating positive outcomes for their animals.


Certification programs are available for healthcare professionals. Guided imagery and visualization courses, classes and books are available to anyone seeking to develop this technique.