Flower Essence Therapy

Information provided courtesy of Sharon Callahan

Flower essence therapy is a form of vibrational healing, which treats with pure energy to generate changes in the energetic field of the client. Healing with flower essences is an extension of the time-honored tradition of herbal medicine and has been used for over 60 years, successfully returning people and animals to balance and health. Flower essence therapy has proven particularly useful in assisting animals that have been abused, neglected or that have become stressed and anxious due to interface with human beings.

All life is infused with an innate intelligence, with a natural tendency toward harmony and balance. The integrated levels of energy exhibited by living beings include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Vibrational therapy is a powerful tool for affecting cellular health and optimum well being on all these levels. Plants and minerals are considered to have positive qualities or virtues, which can be therapeutically transferred to any animal or human being in need of balancing or harmonizing.

The understanding of matter as energy forms the basis of flower essence therapy. Our current model of this principle is known as Einsteinian or Quantum Physics. The rate of vibration of universal energy determines its expression within the world of matter. Matter, which vibrates at lower frequencies, is thought of as physical matter, while that which vibrates at higher frequencies is considered subtle matter.

A particular essence may work primarily on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. It works not by attacking disease, but by restoring healthy resonating frequencies. In the words of Dr. Edward Bach, a flower essence pioneer, “the action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature – in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine.”

Simply put, a flower or other essence is the innate energy of a particular plant or other substance, captured and stored for future use. An essence is made by floating the blossoms of the chosen plant on the surface of a bowl of pure spring water, which is then charged in the sun for several hours. During this time the vibrational imprint of the plant is transferred to the water, water being a universal storage medium. (It has been scientifically demonstrated that water has memory, i.e., the capacity to store information.) Once complete, the flower essence is preserved, made potent or amplified, and stored for later therapeutic use. Essences may be ingested or applied topically.

Flower essences encourage a gentle, positive, noninvasive refocusing. For instance, an animal that has experienced abuse or neglect may be come withdrawn and depressed, leading to illness and negative behavior. Appropriate essences are offered to open the heart to love and trust, and to release past trauma. The animal is then often better able to respond to other healing modalities. According to Robert Goldstein, DVM, “Flower essences … complement holistic veterinary medicine perfectly, are inexpensive, completely harmless and without side effects. We have used flower essences routinely with the animals brought to our clinic, and have seen profound results.”

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More on Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs

Information provided courtesy of Bennie Jean Kuehnle


Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs have become integral in today’s modern healing. Theses remedies use specialized energy forms to positively affect body systems that are out of balance. By rebalancing the energy fields and regulating the cellular physiology, flower essences and gem elixirs are prepared to restore order in the body system that is out of balance.


Unlike Aromatherapy or herbal medicine, flower essences and gem elixirs are the essence, or energetic imprint or a flower or mineral. Nothing of the physical element of the flower or mineral gets transferred in the process. They are the ethereal vibration of the plant or mineral, referred to as the vibrational signature. This signature is captured by placing a flower or gem in distilled water in full sunlight and allowing the sunlight to strike the water and blend the energetic imprint into the water. This becomes the essence and is then transferred to the individuals when it is ingested or topically used on the body. These vibrational remedies are prepared in this way as treatment using the pure energy essence of the flower or mineral. This theory is based on the understanding that the molecular arrangement of the physical body is comprised of a network of interwoven energy fields. These unique energy systems are affected by our emotions, mental patterns, nutritional factors, environmental conditions and even spiritual awareness level.


Dr. Richard Bach, a pioneer in vibrational medicine, created the Bach Flower Remedies based on the principle of hidden healing capabilities expressed through the energetic life force of flowers. Dr. Bach saw that the subtle vibrational energies of flowers could assist in realigning the dysfunctional patterns in the body. He saw that the energetic patterns contained within flowers worked at the emotional, mental and physical level of all living beings. These essences that Dr. Bach created release the resistance of the body by creating internal harmony and raise the energetic systems of the body. Energetic remedies especially flower essences and gem elixirs, work with higher levels of consciousness and the subtle bodies (auras) and the chakras (major energy centers within the body, meridians) and the physical (bimolecular).


Gem elixirs function between flower essences, which have a higher vibration, and homeopathic remedies, which have a lower vibration. Gems carry the pattern of a crystalline structure. Focusing the physical body’s mineral and crystalline structures on the bimolecular level, gems work more closely with the bimolecular structure to integrate the life force into the body. Gem elixirs can have powerful effects upon the meridians, chakras and subtle bodies. They promote illumination and can eventually lead to behavioral modification. Gem elixirs promote enhanced focus and better decision making and problem solving.


Flower essences function in higher vibrational levels and promote release of unwanted thought patterns, poor mental and emotional habits that create disease and illness. Flower essences help rebalance mental clarity and recharge positive emotional energy. This is only one reason that flower essences work so well with animal therapies. Animals respond extremely well to the vibrational levels on the physical and behavioral patterns. Flower essences can be used without harmful interactions with other therapies. Their effects can often be seen very quickly.


It is extremely important to use only the purest of flower essences and gem elixirs in order to get results. For those who understand the importance of creating and blending, there are certain procedures that are followed. Find a qualified and dedicated professional who can help in your quest for the purest blends. Using products that have been mass produced and you cannot be sure of the quality should probably be avoided since your results cannot be truly defined.