Equine Therapy

Information provided courtesy of Mimi Porter

Equine Therapy is the practice of rehabilitation and injury prevention for the horse through the use of any of the following: electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic laser and other photon emitting devices, magnetic field devices, massage, acupressure and other manual therapies, stretching and range of motion exercises, thermal agents, hydro-therapy, craniosacral therapy, energy transfer techniques, and exercise. The tools and techniques of the Equine Therapist are effective in swelling reduction, pain control, increasing range of motion, and reducing the reactivity of acupuncture points and trigger points following injury, surgery, or as a result of athletic activity. The practice of Equine Therapy does not include invasive techniques, the prescription of medication or the diagnosis of injury. The Equine Therapist works by referral from the veterinarian presiding over the equine patient.