Current IAATH Advisory Board Council

Donna Starita, DVM, Medical Intuitive
Dr. Donna M Starita is the owner and director of A Place for Healing, Center for Vibrational Medicine for Animals and People in Damascus, Oregon. Dr. Starita is a graduate of Rutgers University and the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. After several years of conventional practice, enlightened clients and her family’s own health challenges led her into the exploration of alternative healing techniques, and later, vibrational medicine for animals and people.

Dr. Starita has devoted her 30 years of veterinary practice and 25 years in alternative healing and vibrational medicine to the development of a healing technique which she has trademarked as Living Systems Analysis™ and Quantum Frequency Rebalancing™. Her areas of expertise and current study include radionics, medical intuition, the human-animal bond, homeopathy, Rife therapy, distance healing, nutrition, spiritual evolution, herbal and glandular therapies, gem and flower essences, emotional release therapy, and the use of color and sound to heal.

Donna is past, and current president of the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing, and has taught for the Upledger Institute and Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation. She has authored numerous articles on natural healing and teaches classes on vibrational medicine for animals and people.

A Place for Healing
Michele Tippin
As a healer, it is my desire to help heal our beloved pets by providing medicine bags that contain powerful and spiritually balancing objects, made with great love and care. In addition, I practice equine massage therapy combined with reiki to help gain a greater understanding on a spiritual level, where the imbalances are. In conjunction with other therapies, this provides wholeness. It is my passion to help heal the planet one heart at a time.
Shannon Gan Dathú
Shannon Gan Dathú is a professional photographer and loves to work with animals and children. She has spent time teaching at university and working with nonprofit organizations over the years, and she has a passion for finding new and innovative solutions. She believes in finding a balance between body and spirit, people and animals, being tuned in and unplugged. There is so much to be learned from each other and from nature, and she finds great joy and peace in working outside and with animals.

She lives outside Salem, Oregon, and you will often find her chasing waterfalls in her spare time or capturing animals and children on film.
Shannon's Art
Mary Ann Simonds
Mary Ann Simonds has worked as a researcher, educator, coach and consultant for over 30 years in the fields of human and animal behavior, communication, consciousness and ethology. MS. Simonds has lectured in Japan, Canada, Europe, and the US and has consulted worldwide in the fields of animal behavior and human-animal interactions. Her work blends the application of science with cultural issues finding solutions for adaptive co-habitation of people and animals.

She currently directs the Institute of Integrated Sciences, and The Whole Horse & Equestrian Science Institute, while maintaining a professional practice as a consultant. She is one of the original founders and past-president of IAATH and currently resides in Wellington, Florida.

Mary Ann Simonds
Beth Mantis
Beth Mantis is a gifted intuitive and healer providing whole health services for animals and people. She currently resides in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Her practice focuses around restoring and /or maintaining function while reducing pain in the body. She uses her more than 96 hours of clinical study in biomechanics and many years of field experience to facilitate educated observation of specific gait and biomechanical abnormalities in humans and animals, moving alone or together. She is also able to identify the core level dysfunction creating the disturbance.

Her techniques include, but are not limited to specific types of manual and movement therapy, body rebalancing and energetic osteopathy. She has completed the entire course of animal osteopathic techniques and has practiced for the past 8 years on a variety of animals and humans with resounding success.

Beth is committed to continually learning and sharing information to assist in educating herself, her human clients and animal owners, supporting them in their journey towards improved health and the joy that health can bring.

Sunny ide Collaborative Care
Candia Sanders
Candia Sanders is a master intuitive and spiritual healer from Vancouver, Washington. By communicating with the clients “ Higher Self “, she is able to access the authentic wisdom/universal knowledge that lies within us all, providing deeper clarity and healing. Her specialties include: medical intuition, chakra/meridian/organ balancing, grounding, boundary definition, soul retrieval, energetic chiropractic, stress management, foods for radiance, weight challenges, pain relief and identifying your soul ray.

Candia is dedicated to supporting the path of helping to achieve global consciousness through her work. She has been a frequent speaker at healing and metaphysical conferences in the Northwest. Her books include: “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of your Soul” and “Adventures of Jack Starr and his brother Sky”.

Candia Sanders
Kristin Jager
Kristin Jager is a Rieki master that enjoys working with animals and people. Kristin serves as a conduit for the Rieki (Universal Life Force Energy) and can connect with you or your animal in person or through a photograph for powerful distance work.

Rieki is useful for calming and balancing, healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It also serves as an energetic support to enhance or speed healing in conjunction with other healing modalities.

Kristin also does heart clearing to release blocked emotional energy and grief to help lighten and heal your heart. She also does clearing utilizing SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy). Kristin resides in Portland, Oregon.