Colon Therapy

Colon therapy cleanses and detoxifies the colon through gentle infusions of purified water at a controlled temperature and controlled pressure Colon hydrotherapy is also called colonic irrigation and offers an excellent opportunity to restore and maintain optimum colon health in your life. During therapy, the entire colon tract is cleansed, eliminating the build-up of toxins, wastes and bacteria that can clog the intestinal walls. Sometimes herbal tinctures are also used. Practitioners may also use massage, reflexology or visceral manipulation skills during a session.

Colon Therapy – also referred to as Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonic Irrigation, Colonic, or High Colonic.


See professional for information.


Colonic therapy training is generally available as continuing education for health professionals. Of the 50 states, only Florida licenses colon hydrotherapy separately.