Case of the Month – June 2016

“Rider” – a 7 yr. old male German Shepherd.   Presentation: Rider is your typical shepherd, vigilant and loyal, sometimes to excess. He is also extremely sensitive to the emotions and thoughts of his humans, as well as toxic electromagnetic fields and environmental radio-activity. As an empath, he has difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries and “streams” or merges with … Continue reading Case of the Month – June 2016

Case of the Month – May 2016

 Zeus – 6 year old male Rottweiler Presentation: Epilepsy (controlled with phenobarb and K-Bromide), cyclic vomiting – sometimes bloody   Conventional: Blood work, physical exam normal Energetic diagnosis: Gastric inflammation/ulceration, energetically sensitive/empathetic personality type, overly absorbent emotional body. Processes family dynamics at a gut level, resulting in pylorospasm. Seizures 2° to vaccinosis and Lyme’s spirochetes in the … Continue reading Case of the Month – May 2016

Case of the Month – April 2016

Piper – 3 year old Belgian Tervuren Presentation: fever of unknown origin (101-105), shifting inflammation/pain, loss of appetite, lethargy, infection motility Energetic diagnosis: Undercurrent anxiety/stress pattern. Intensity expressing as a drain on the fear adrenals, subsequently inflammation and immune insufficiency. Program: YES drops (flower essence society), Cortisol Manager (Integrative), L-Theanine, Homeopathic Phosphorus and Arsenicum Album, Olive Leaf Extract, … Continue reading Case of the Month – April 2016

Case of The Month – March 2016

      Patient: Cyrano, 30 yr old pony gelding Symptoms: Sudden onset itching, scratching, excoriation over neck and back. Diagnosis: Fungal infection Tx: Distance Healing – Radionic Transmission – Rife Therapy: 2 treatments done with a DNA Sample. Neem spray topically. Result: Immediate response. Skin healed within 48 hours! Rife: Frequencies 497, 694, 643 (mold and fungus) Radionics: SAME 200, Zinc 15, YES, … Continue reading Case of The Month – March 2016

Case of the Month: February, 2016  

  Feline Viral Myocarditis Peanuts:  An 11 yr old, neutered male Domestic Shorthair cat from Alberta, Canada   Presentation: Hospitalized, in ICU at a local hospital. Severe, sudden onset heart failure (cardiomyopathy), with rapidly falling blood pressure and vital signs. Symptoms: difficulty breathing, extreme weakness, loss of appetite, dehydration.   Conventional therapy: Peanuts was stabilized … Continue reading Case of the Month: February, 2016