Case of the Month – September 2016

Patient: “Sweetie” – a 19 yr. old female spayed dark calico.

Presentation: “Old” cat kidneys – aka kidney “failure” (vomiting, decreased energy and appetite, weight loss).

Energetic Diagnosis: Kidneys 81% of normal, pancreatic insufficiency, low parathyroid function.

Program: Radionically transmitted: Phosphorus 6C, Vit.D3, UBQH, YES drops, B-complex Plus, Fluids: 100 cc 0.9% NaCL 1 x daily for 2 days, then 100 cc 2 x weekly for 3 weeks.

3 Month Re-Check: Doing quite well, Infrequent (once every 2-3 weeks) vomiting, good appetite and attitude, normal water consumption and energy. Sweetie and her owner are quite content.