Case of the Month – February 2017

A client called me because both of her cats had started urinating on her bed as well as “acting out” with each other irritably. A quick scan identified the source of the upset – it was the house itself. Our homes can hold all the intensity and emotions of the animals and people who have lived and died there, and need to be cleared and cleaned regularly just like we do. If we don’t we end up with “garbage” all over the place! Let’s call this energetic housecleaning.

Here is what this house wanted:

Smudge and release the old spent energy

Open the windows and doors and let the fresh air in

Regular or even daily purification invoking the Violet Flame Technique

Set a new intention for beauty, peace and joy



Cananga essential oil in an atomizer. “Cananga oil weaves an aura of trust and comfort. A feeling of being able to safely and totally let go. Laughing, crying, everything can stream again. There is space for everything and everything becomes possible. The atmosphere clears; becoming lighter, more exalted and sometimes even euphoric. Plant Message: Let yourself fall and enjoy.” From: “A-Scent to Emotional Well Being; a Therapeutic Massage of Essential Oils” by Lucia Soppe.