Case of the Month: February, 2016  


Feline Viral Myocarditis


Peanuts:  An 11 yr old, neutered male Domestic Shorthair cat from Alberta, Canada


Presentation: Hospitalized, in ICU at a local hospital. Severe, sudden onset heart failure (cardiomyopathy), with rapidly falling blood pressure and vital signs. Symptoms: difficulty breathing, extreme weakness, loss of appetite, dehydration.


Conventional therapy: Peanuts was stabilized in an O2 cage and conventional treatment consisted of fluids, potassium, Lasix, spironolactone and vetmedin .


Alternative therapy:

  1. Radionic transmission- Homeopathic Bryonia, Merc viv. Australian Flower Essence Grey Spider Flower, Wheat Germ Oil, Optiferrin C, Mg malate, Grape Seed Phytisome, Vit D3, Olive leaf Extract, Co Q10, Tuna Omega Oil.
  2. Rife treatment- x4. # 626(pericardium), #421(flu), #659(pseudomonas), #689 (rhinopneumonitis), #754 (strep), #740 (staph), #805 (thymus).


Owner Care: 20 minutes twice daily full-spectrum light therapy (ie Happy Light, Costco ), raw diet.


Resolution: Peanuts was released home in a few days. His heart energy increased from 52% to 92% within two months. He is currently off of all meds except Vetmedin. He’s happy and healthy and back to enjoying his life with his best friend, Paul.