Bioenergetics seeks to release the energy in tense or “blocked” areas of the body and alleviate chronic stresses and chronic muscular tensions. Biogenetics therapists study muscular patterns developed through physical expression and muscular tension. Patient treatments include exercises and expressions to help them experience these muscular tensions in addressing repressed emotions, rather than the normal psychological therapist techniques.

Bioenergetic therapists use this muscular healing approach as a way to understand the personality of the client in terms of the body and its energetic processes. Often they will discuss how tension in the body may directly relate to a person’s emotional history and childhood relationships.


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Certification as a Bioenergetic Therapist is available. The training, which takes a minimum of five years to complete, consists of three phases:

  • Pre-clinical
  • Clinical
  • Then the final year.

Certification requires 200 hours of total training:

  • 150 hours of bioenergetic therapy.
  • 50 hours of bioenergetic supervision.