The ear is a localized reflex system connected to the central nervous system (whereas ear acupuncture focuses on empirical acupoints known for their specific functions. According to the principles of auricular therapy, each area of the ear corresponds to a different anatomical portion of the body. A large number of sites have been identified on the ear which become spontaneously tender or otherwise react to the presence of disease or injury elsewhere in the body. These sites are reportedly consistent from one individual to the next. Stimulation of these ear points in time exerts certain therapeutic effects on those parts of the body with which they are associated.

As a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment, ear reflexology is of recent origin. A French physician by the name of Nogier, writing in a German acupuncture periodical in 1957, first drew serious attention to the correspondences between specific sites on the ear and other parts of the body. After years of careful observation relating points of tenderness, morphological and coloration changes on the ear to disease elsewhere in the body, more than 200 sites were charted on the auricle (ear) by Chinese medical workers. Ear reflexology is not only effective in the treatment of a wide range of common diseases, it can also be used with good results in the treatment of difficult emotional states.

Besides assessing the treatment effects resulting from auricular therapy, both French and Chinese physicians have reported that it is possible to diagnose a variety of pathological conditions by examining the ear. When there is a pain problem involving a given area of the body, the corresponding ear point is said to be “reactive”, manifesting greatly increased tenderness and electrical conductivity as compared to the surrounding areas of the ear.

Several investigators have provided clinical evidence supporting the therapeutic efficiency of auricular therapy for the relief of pain and the healing of disease. With auricular therapy, clients are able to find out what is wrong with their body, way before signs show up on a typical physical or blood test. Whereas a physical exam or blood test is unable to treat abnormal readings, auricular therapy is able to treat even slight abnormalities. That’s the sheer beauty of natural health care – actually treating abnormalities before they progressively worsen.

Auricular therapy is integrates Western and Chinese theories of health as balance and equilibrium. The use of the ear is based on the rich and the multiple connections which it has on the central nervous system. The shape of the body is projected into the ear and every point of the body corresponds to a point of the ear. In a healthy person the link is not apparent but when there is an imbalance of the physiological equilibrium it’s point of projection in the ear becomes painful. The therapist then stimulates the painful points of the ear by massage or cauterization.


Activates the meridian which regulated energy flow, Stimulates the internal organs, Improves the circulation in general, Aids in the flow of the lymphatic system, Induces deep relaxation, Stimulates the brain, Improves the immune system as prevention measure.


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